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Definitive Gold & Silver Buyer's Guide - Australia

Before You Buy (LINK)
Know Why You Are Buying, Tax on Gold and Silver, Australian Price of Gold and Silver, ID Requirements When Buying Gold and Silver, Postage of Gold and Silver, Buying From Overseas, Storage of Physical, Having an Exit Plan, Forget The Conspiracies
Online Dealers, Direct From Perth Mint, eBay & Auction Sites, Walk-in Store/Office, Privately (From Individuals)
Bars & Ingots, Coins & Rounds, Numismatics, Jewelery, Other, What Mix Is Best

ASX Listed Alternatives, Allocated and Unallocated Accounts, Digital Gold Currency

Important Notes

Australian Specific: Please note that the content on this page and much of the other information on this blog relates specifically to Australians. While some of the information is generic enough to be useful for readers based elsewhere, you should keep in mind the below is written by an Australian for Australians.

Not Investment Advice: Before getting started I would like to reiterate that I am not a licensed financial adviser. This site does not contain financial advice or a recommendation to buy/sell any asset. Please do your own due diligence and consult a professional if you require individual assistance with your investment decisions (preferably one that didn't lose the shirts off the back of their clients in the 2007 - 2009 market rout).

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Welcome to the Gold and Silver Buyer's Guide

Welcome to Bullion Baron's guide to buying Gold and Silver in Australia. To navigate the guide use the buttons along the top to open a new tab with each topic or use the quick links in the side bar on the left to navigate in a single tab. The home page will host a blog of bullion products available from site partners.

Get started by reading about this site, followed by the introduction and what you should know before you start buying and then the why, where and what  to buying Gold or Silver. This is followed by a page on non-physical Gold and Silver investments and a final word.